E-Mobility Competence Center

AC never stops exploring. Our E-Mobility Competence Center (EMCC) is AC’s clear answer to the current trends and developments in the face of the upcoming electromobility era.  As a market leader for alternative fuel (LPG, CNG) conversion system, AC goes today to the next level challenging the E-revolution.  

EMCC is a special task force department of passionate engineers dedicated to the development of innovative products & solutions in energy management for the electromobility sector.   
An infinite expertise in design and mass production of high quality electronics and electric harness, combined with more than 30 years of automotive experience and now the tremendous power of EMCC makes AC ready for the future.

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Altion -  adjustable
Battery Management System   


voltage - up to 18 cells, current, temperature - up to 4 channels


power circuit control, cell balancing




CAN, RS-485


supports all lithium-ion chemistries, AEC Q100 grade, wireless communication interface, user friendly application for detailed parameters configuration

Altion Dual - line

Altion Dual is a system designed and manufactured by EMCC. It is an adjustable device for low-voltage purposes. It allows to measure, monitor, calculate and control the battery parameters. It can manage up to 18 li-ion cells in series. This modular device is set up using 2 modules and it is managed by a dedicated configuration software for customizing the key battery parameters. That is why Altion Dual can be applied to wide range of low-voltage batteries with higher power consumption regardless of using chemistry

The ability protect the battery in applications with high power consumption

A comprehensive control system and power circuit management

Very good thermal propertie

Altion Single - line

Altion Single is a solution for compact applications. The system designed by EMCC focuses all BMS neccesary functionalities into one module. It can manage up to 18 li-ion cells is series and measure up to 4 different temperatures. Operation current is slightly smaller than in D-line. The dedicated configuration software allows to customize the key battery parameters. The device can be easily integrated with energy source and adjust for many low-voltage systems or vehicles.

 A full range of functionality in a compact format

Easy integration with the battery in every application

A universal, flexible system 


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